Monday, July 12, 2010

Economic phrases with sexual innuendo: A post that is exactly what it sounds like

On a recent trip, an amigo and I had a little too much time/booze on our hands and decided to come up with sentences and phrases involving economic terms that were double entendres of the gettin-id-awwwn variety.

Oh, there were many. And I am proud to say they went beyond the simplistic "I'd like to stimulate her economy" which, without really knowing for shizzle mah nizzle, would have got quite a run of late.

Some of the gems were:

-"I'd like to bust her housing bubble"
-"I'd like to stimulate her retail sector"
-"I'd like to expand her money supply"
-"I'd to cause a spike in her GDP"

But my favorite, due primarily to it's obscurity is:

"I'd like to find a Pareto-efficient outcome in her Edgeworth Box".

I wouldn't bother wiki-ing those terms (because you were, like, totally going to, yeah?)

Stay tuned! This post will return.... right now!

While I was away I spotted this (apologies for out of focus-ness):



Friday, July 2, 2010

Brotherly advice

To make one thing clear, this post and the previous one are not attempts to create a mini-failbook. In fact, I'm here to show you that face(less)book does have some outstanding qualities.

(Stopping your kids from ever having sex is one... I guess)

But the one I had in mind was the ability to steer a family member away from a dark, dark path.

Click and observe!