Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's pronounced Pacman!

Take my word for it (you'll have to as my crappy camera phone's flash is sub-par and thus no photo was taken), last night I saw a '10-man Ghosting'.

Puzzlement, much? There should not be. However, for clarity's sake, here is what I suppose you would call a 'one man ghosting':

Crank that shit up to 10, brah, and you got some fully sick ghosting activity, eh!

I should add one qualification however- there was only one victim. In other words, there was one 'ghostee' with 9 'ghosters' following, the latter group of course all being in cahoots. Indeed, this was another shining example of the power of awesome juice when it comes to fostering camaraderie.

(Pictured left: Awesome Juice, circa Beer 0'clock/Alc-O'clock)

What would be great to see is a ghosting attempt in which the ghosters were made up of several factions rather than the conglomerate ghost which I witnesses last night. You would have the original ghostee, followed by a ghoster, then perhaps a group of 3 who ghost the ghoster (2nd generation ghosters, or Spiriters), then 1,2 or 3 folks who ghost the ghosters of the initial ghostee (3rd gen ghosters, or Shadowers), and so on.

The dream is to witness a Fully Splintered Ghosting, in which the ghost, consisting of numbers similar to what I witnessed, is made up entirely of individual members, with each member of the ghosting attempt unaware that he/she is the victim of another ghosting attempt.

To digress, Pokemon is stupid.

With that in mind, I took a test to find my Pokeganger (so, you know, I could sleep at night). The test was made up of questions such as "Your about to preform infront of a crowd, how do you feel?" and statements such as "you heard your freind just got a new stereo, and "You are stranded in a desert. You are almoast out of water".

It ended with "OMG! JUSTIN BIEBER IN NYC! Do you want to see him play live?"

Who the fuck is.. you know what, I don't care. It's probably Twilight related or something, no? Well, same demographic I'm betting.

(Future leaders)

Anyway so, here it is:

Apparently, I am Mewtwo. I am pink and purple (eesh, don't mess with me. I'll kill you by threatening you sexuality)...

Okay here's what the quiz really said: "I know anger most of all your emotions (WTF?). I hold grudges against people, and swear to take revenge on anyone who gets in my way. I have a heart of power, and I constantly use that power in a bad way".

Alrighty then. Not too bad quiz-man.

However, I'm going to overrule and go with Skarmory:

Metallic, cold, soulless, looks pissed.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun with a Gun


+ Guitar slide

= Gun with silencer!


Expect a name change soon as I'm gonna hopefully have some music up soon, and there is something about 'Experiencing Technical Difficulties' that just ain't proper for a semi-musical blog.

Sorry to those folks who have already bought the T-shirt. Send your requests for refunds to

Monday, April 12, 2010

Like a Tusken Raider, I returned, and in greater numbers... with this post.

People come up to me all the time and ask "You there! I say you there! Hey, you...hey.. stop!..hey, wait.. come back!"

They don't usually get the chance to reach the question stage of their speech as I tend to turn in the opposite direction and power-walk as they approach.


Because I am a bad-ass! That is according to Internet quiz-writers who couldn't spell lol, rofl or omg if the success of their cyber-stalking 17 year old girls depended on it. But more on that in another post within the week (the quiz results, not my stalki... you're with me, yes?)

If I didn't act badass, and actually stopped and listened to the question posed by the random, I'm betting they'd ask me "if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have three things, what would they be?"

The first thing us manly-manly-men go to is, of course, the hot chick. But I'm gonna be the realist here. There will undoubtedly be positives (oh.. There'll be positives). But then comes the nagging- "why haven't you built a raft? When are you going to build the raft? Why aren't you building the raft now? Why doesn't my Iphone work? Gawwwh, now I'm all like gonna miss Project Runway!"

You'll endure for a while (for reasons obvious) and then finally you'll... endure some more (because you're a fucking man!) But then eventually you'll find yourself telling your companion that sharks are turned off by blood, so best you leave that cut as an open wound whilst taking a dip... sweetie.

Solution? For your second thing, bring the Bear.

It's all good now. You get the hot-girl-on-a-desert-Island dream. Bear gets the food, shelter and exit strategy sorted (all within an hour of course). The girl's happy. To hell with "good". More like "great". Right?

Wrong! Here's the problem.

This is Bear 'fucking' Grylls!

Chances are, after killing a lion using the jaws of a shark that he speared with a cobra's fang connected to the end of one of Chuck Norris's boots which he summoned using The Force, Bear's gonna go up to your lady-friend-with-privileges and go Old Spice on her.

("Look at your man, now back to me, now...etc")

I call it the Bear-Grylls-Desert-Island Dilemma*.

Potential Solutions:

1. For the third thing, bring bees.

Bear doesn't seem to like Bee stings much. But with Bear's eyesight goes your ticket off the Island. Therefore..

2. Find a girl who likes the indoors, doesn't watch Project Runway, and looks at you, then back to him, then back to you, then back to him, and says "Sadly he's not you, but... meh, you're much closer".

"Oh, you mean closer emotionally, right?"

"I mean spatially".

*If you were part of The Followship (which has increased by 25%... just sayin') you would know that I am bad with titles and hence bad with naming stuff.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nimoy's finest work

I have always thought Leonard Nimoy's finest work was not in Star Trek. Rather, it was his role in episode 16 season 2 of TJ Hooker as former cop Paul McGuire.

McGuire was the title character's former partner. The title character was of course played by William Shatner.

Nimoy: "You know what would be great, Bill?"
Shatner: "Go on".
Nimoy: "If this blogger guy knew some half-decent Star Trek quotes so he could derive humor from this image".
Shatner: "Too bad he prefers Star Wars- a far superior sci-fi saga, if I may so".
Nimoy: "Indeed. At least by doing this I'll be remembered for something other than Star Trek"