Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming soon one day: Fidel & Che!

If one wakes up quite late on a given day and has his/her first meal of the day in the early hours of the afternoon, does one consider this lunch or a late breakfast? Furthermore, if one eats dinner that same night, having not offset his/her missing breakfast by adding, say, a linner/dunch session to his/her day, is this considered a late lunch? And thus, if one was to have a breakfast at a more socially conventional time the next day, is this said breakfast actually breakfast or merely a very late dinner? Does that then mean..

Mahaaan, cocaine's a hell of drug, am I right Rick?

... Rick?

A non-pharmaceutical-induced thought I had the other day: where the frig are all the sit-coms based around Fidel Castro and Che Guevara?

(pauses to allow for ambient murmurs of "he's right, you know?" and "why can't I be a dynamic, lateral thinker like this man?")

I figured I'd give it a whirl, and of course the starting point of any good sit-com is?...

Study the characters? Consider how the characters might interact? Brain-storm various potential plot lines? Contact casting agents?


The answer: Come up with a super awesome poster for the show!

Clicking on it helps. Reading it too.

This prototype, summoned via a collaborative effort between XTD's Science-ish division and our Humouroncologeomathematics branch, is definitely a starting point, or maybe even earlier than that; equivalent to that pre-9am scotch you have before work.

... Just me, huh?

More studious readers will note its old Fidel and Del-Toro-portrayed Guevara in this shot. And Fidel is in old lady gear. Though the heat the F-Dawg is packing is pretty sweet. There is a vibe in this shot that Fidel is the mischievous one of the two, a Quincy MD to Che's Tony Randall. Maybe Fidel has got into Che's stuff (again!) and nicked off with a serious negotiating tool.

Well, at least that's what Che suspects. Maybe Fidel got it on loan from his buddy Hugo Chavez, who is a strong candidate for the Kramer of the group.

But with the physique of a Newman.

Like your typical revolutionaries, they live in an apartment. Most likely this is located in North Fitroy. When not plotting their next coup, Fidel & Che spend their time getting into bands for the sole purpose of being able to go to their gigs, stand at the back and say "I liked their older stuff".

There of course needs to be a nemesis; a Lesley Winkle to their Sheldon Cooper, a Frank to their Hawkeye, a life in general to their Larry David.

a tape recorder to their this guy

This is likely to be played by an old-fashioned elderly couple, in the mold of Elizabeth and Emmett from Keeping Up Appearances. This would not, I sincerely hope, be a literal adaptation given that Elizabeth and Emmett were in fact siblings.

The woman would be curious, charmingly quizzical, but generally endeared by "the boys" and their playful, devil-may-care, "we're going to take down the government... lol... jkn" attitude. The dude on the other hand will be continuously skeptical of "F & C's" motives. He'll be something like, but not entirely as incapacitated as...

The final issue with the prototype, a glitch which resulted in the electro-correction-ing of several sciencey division doctorbs, is that "Che" appears before "Fidel" when outlining the cast, whereas the show, as is no doubt seared into your synapses, is called "Fidel & Che". I guess I could just switch the names around, meaning "Fidel" is above Che, and vice versa.

However, I find that this can lead to confusing times.

I suppose I could just change the title to Che & Fid... NO! Damit! Stick with your instincts!

A tender has been sent out to the interweb's best and brightest drawer guys to get on board with this project. The leading contender at this early stage is this dude who, I have on good authority, wears pants of all things

This blog will return... as per The Prophecy.