Sunday, January 31, 2010

A post

This blog was starting to get cyber-cobwebs, so thought I best write something. Plus, I have tripled my followship, so I guess I can say genuinely "I'm back by popular demand".

I am starting a job soon which means I get to wear suits, which is cool. I have been told by people in the know that for the first few months or so, I'll pretty much just be making coffee for superiors and replying to their less interesting emails, which is uncool. But I get paid for doing this- it is hardly get-away-with-murdering-your-first-wife kind of money, but heading in that direction, which is cool. Of course I have to pay tax and HECS, which is uncool. Tax is unMuselike (see below).

Speaking of digressing, on Australia/Skinheads-With-Aussie-Flags-For-Capes Day I went to a music festival. It was pretty BIG, it went for the whole DAY, and was OUTside. The name escapes me. I was there for Muse, who are awesome. If you think/say/write-a-letter-to-the-editor-of-your-local-paper otherwise, I will come to your house at night, pour myself a glass of water, and NOT use a coaster!

I saw other stuff. For the most part they were unMuselike, which I attribute to the fact that they were "other stuff". But they were also unMuselike re: their lack of awesomeness (Stinsonesque-ness if you will). Lily Allen was hot until she started rambling about Indian student beatings. She obviously thought "Hey I am from England. No-one gets bashed for being different there. We're too busy for that, what with all the Pixie Dust eating and Kumbaya-ing. I'll lay some knowledge on these foolish Melbournians".

Around this time I yelled out "sing bitch" (I may have trailed off in the latter half of "bitch" when I realised there was quite a large contingent of Allen sympathisers in my vicinity. Primarily, 18-19 girls. But they slap... hard).

I enjoyed Dizzee Rascal- not musically (again, unMuselike) but for the laughter. He has a song where he and his.. er .. posse (?) just say "I'm Dizzee Rascal" over and over and over. It really cleared things up, because I could have sworn it was Andrea Bochelli ripping into "Con Te Partiro" up on the blue stage, but nope- twas actually just Dizzee.

There was some musicianship that was more Muselike. The Decemberists were good. The lead singer sounds like the dude (dude?) from Placebo. I believe somewhere near their stage I lost my awesome water-resistant watch that I got from a Hobart Reject Shop for $7. So, if Pavlov's theory of Classical Conditioning holds, whenever I hear The Decemberists, I will look at my bare wrist and weep.

Okay now to Muse. They had lasers! LASERS! Enough said. Okay, okay, no-ones perfect (That's right, kids- even Muse can be unMuselike) and this was illustrated by Muse not playing a) Stockholm Syndrome, and b) Resistance. The latter is odd, given it is The Resistance tour (the tour is named after the ALBUM name, but still).

But, to reiterate, LASERS!

Okay, the cobwebs have been blown away for now. One last thing- Blog title to change soon because, well, you know, this one is kind of, how you say, ripped off.

This is Jo Rel, not saying goodbye, just saying.


Muse are of course back in November for a bigger, longer, even more Muselike tour of this Pink skinned country of ours.

As I discussed with the cousin-man (, I will be expecting an upgrade from lasers to death-rays.

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  1. I laughed many many times.
    One thing though, the pink background hurts my eyes and your manliness.