Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My doppelganger

Doppelganger Week. It's the latest craze to hit the attention-deficit beleaguered, abbreviation-obsessed, "Like, you know, whatever" brigade on facebook...

And it feels so good!

Yes, even Doppel-rama/Ganger-mania has swept me off my feet and into the realm of Google Images. Yes, yes, theres that contraption, but I'm a traditionalist. In the words of David Brent: 'Sue me!'

At the Day Out of Large Proportions a couple of weeks ago, Cousinman and Lord Millward made mention of my likeness to American comedian Rich Hall.

That's all well and good. Others have agreed. But I can't help but feel this is more a reflection of my lacklustre attitude to things, as opposed to my looks.

But then, just before I pulled myself out of the sticky nightclub floor that is Google Images, I found this:

So, by the law of transitivity, my doppelganger is... oh no, oh god no!

Wait! Hope still remains:

As much as a step up from a loner liquor proprietor to a cloth merchant with his own infomercial actually is, Doppelganger Week reminds me of the wisdom put forward by Sir (well, he should be) Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction: 'If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions'.


Ein großes Dankeschön an Rutherford Jones für die folgenden:

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  1. But by the law of trans-trans-transitivity, you look like the Scout from TF2.