Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Bad With Titles

Why did demographers start so far down the alphabet when naming generations?

Sooner rather than un-sooner, Generation Z will come along. Yep, that would be the offspring of Generation Y (the pro-choice movement just got more ammunition). Once these whipper-snappers learn what those monkeys on Animal Planet are really doing and that it is actually quite an enjoyable process, they will be giving the world the gift of... of...

Generation AA?

I call it the Excel Spreadsheet Dilemma.

We could have some fun with it though- Generation Y are "Y-ers", so maybe we can refer to Generation AA as "A-A-ers". A sobering thought, indeed.

Or perhaps they could be "Generation Double-A: The generation that is always sold separately".

News! I went to a wedding on Saturday. They took a group photo of all the attendees and bridal party a few minutes after the ceremony. It was approximately 140 people and funnily enough I found myself buried deep in the mosh pit, somewhere in amongst the second cousins and un-vitees* who still turned up, in a position where I knew I would not be seen in the photo.

So what does a mature adult do in this situation? I raised my hand above the pack and did the Vulcan salute. Otherwise they wouldn't have known I was there! Congratulations again Ben and Emma (Or "Bemma" as it will be once the former is inevitably whipped into submission).

In all seriousness though, it was a splendid outing and the couple could not have looked sharper and happier (listed in order of importance). Notable amongst the songs they picked to mark the occasion was "Alive" by P.O.D. The lead singer felt it only right he thank them for their choice in person:

One of the fun-loaded activities at the reception was to reenact a scene from a recent movie. I picked Avatar:

But looking through my phone photos from over the past year or so, I think my Gran Torino is better:

Anyway that is all for now, except:


*According to Seinfeld season 9 episode 8 (The Betrayal), an unvitation (sometimes spelled un-vitation) is when you send someone an invitation to an event knowing that the person will not attend.

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  1. Oh how I didst laugh.
    Excellent post. Another win for comedy!