Friday, January 7, 2011

The H-R Curve

Now, for my next trick...

What would happen if Nine Inch Nails and Tool had a baby?

Well, you would have a Nine Inch Tool with Nails of course.

I am a thinker and observer. Often you'll find me staring out into the distance with furrowed brows pondering the key issues of the day, not unlike the one above.

Last night I stumbled upon something noteworthy.

Remember: Not fascinating. Noteworthy.

I was recapping a hectic week I just had. As the story progressed, the more ridiculous it got. As the ridiculousness, or level of ridiculousity (as denoted by 'R') increased, the laughs, hahas, or... grrh... lols received increased. That is, I found the level of hilariousity (as denoted by 'H') increased proportionately with R.

Of course, I drew a graph.

The H-R Curve was born. However, as I furrowed my brow and stroked my chin to the point of near-self combustion, I realized that there must, must be a critical mass of ridiculousness; a Fracture Point of Ridiculousity (FPR), if you will.

Hence, more research was done (click for making larger and such)...

The H-R curve is a living breathing thing, to the extent that a graph hastily cobbled together on Microsoft Paint can be considered a living, breathing thing. Suffice to say, each zone will vary from human/humanoid to human/humanoid.

Further research (and hence government funding) is necessary and should be welcomed in this field. I believe the next step is to add the DFF or Drunken Fool Factor into the model and see how that shapes the H-R Curve.

As She said, there are indeed holes to be filled. The green zone of story telling safety is large; the optimal ratio of hilariousity to ridiculousity lies somewhere in there. If it can be pinpointed, the wonders it could do for the world are, dare I say, infinite.

Among them:

- No more awkward silences at parties
- No need to end stories embarrassingly with "... and it was so funny"
- No more awkward backtracking when the teller realizes he/she has gone or is going too far

I understand that the first point may render the ability that I have observed in some to make cricket/cicada noises redundant. This is sad, but I believe a necessary casualty in our noble quest to find the point at which to know when to say "... mmmwell, that's about it".

Speaking of which, that's about it...

Or is it?....

Yes... yes it is.

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