Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's pronounced Pacman!

Take my word for it (you'll have to as my crappy camera phone's flash is sub-par and thus no photo was taken), last night I saw a '10-man Ghosting'.

Puzzlement, much? There should not be. However, for clarity's sake, here is what I suppose you would call a 'one man ghosting':

Crank that shit up to 10, brah, and you got some fully sick ghosting activity, eh!

I should add one qualification however- there was only one victim. In other words, there was one 'ghostee' with 9 'ghosters' following, the latter group of course all being in cahoots. Indeed, this was another shining example of the power of awesome juice when it comes to fostering camaraderie.

(Pictured left: Awesome Juice, circa Beer 0'clock/Alc-O'clock)

What would be great to see is a ghosting attempt in which the ghosters were made up of several factions rather than the conglomerate ghost which I witnesses last night. You would have the original ghostee, followed by a ghoster, then perhaps a group of 3 who ghost the ghoster (2nd generation ghosters, or Spiriters), then 1,2 or 3 folks who ghost the ghosters of the initial ghostee (3rd gen ghosters, or Shadowers), and so on.

The dream is to witness a Fully Splintered Ghosting, in which the ghost, consisting of numbers similar to what I witnessed, is made up entirely of individual members, with each member of the ghosting attempt unaware that he/she is the victim of another ghosting attempt.

To digress, Pokemon is stupid.

With that in mind, I took a test to find my Pokeganger (so, you know, I could sleep at night). The test was made up of questions such as "Your about to preform infront of a crowd, how do you feel?" and statements such as "you heard your freind just got a new stereo, and "You are stranded in a desert. You are almoast out of water".

It ended with "OMG! JUSTIN BIEBER IN NYC! Do you want to see him play live?"

Who the fuck is.. you know what, I don't care. It's probably Twilight related or something, no? Well, same demographic I'm betting.

(Future leaders)

Anyway so, here it is:

Apparently, I am Mewtwo. I am pink and purple (eesh, don't mess with me. I'll kill you by threatening you sexuality)...

Okay here's what the quiz really said: "I know anger most of all your emotions (WTF?). I hold grudges against people, and swear to take revenge on anyone who gets in my way. I have a heart of power, and I constantly use that power in a bad way".

Alrighty then. Not too bad quiz-man.

However, I'm going to overrule and go with Skarmory:

Metallic, cold, soulless, looks pissed.



  1. That strong, ridged brow. That cranky expression. That thick nose and jaw. That utter contempt for everyone else. Good sir, you are clearly a Geodude.

    Also, your post contained the word 'ghost' so many times that Bill Murray is legally required to show up to your house with a proton pack and reduce you to ectoplasm. He will do it, too. Let me tell you something: busting makes him feel good.

  2. Oh, I can comment in here. Nice.