Monday, June 14, 2010

Alcohol makes you do stupid things... Boredom too.

Observe, class! The "Bless You" Scorecard:

Yes, boredom makes strange things happen- objects are lost in dark places, wikipedia articles are read from start to finish, youtube comments are glanced at.

Hell, widespread boredom can get the last people you'd want put in positions of power.

(Oh, wait!.. Do-over! Do-over!)

And for me it lead to the creation of the "Bless You" scorecard. Despite the game being at a very embryonic stage, as can be deciphered from the above image, a set of rules have been established. They are as follows:

1. There are no rules!

Oh man, BAHAHHHHAHHAHA! Jeez that's just...ohhh, that's some funny shit! Where do you come up with...oh man!

Seriously though:

1. First participant to say "bless you" after I sneeze gets a point.
2. This is a winner takes all game (i.e. winner gets a point, second place and beyond receives nothing)
3. Bonus points can be received if winner has been creative with their "bless you" (i.e 2 points for "gesundheit", 3 points for "bless you" followed by the showing of concern for sneezer's health)
4. Half points will be rewarded for a mistaken "bless you" (i.e. "bless you" following a sneeze-like cough)
4a. An independent panel will determine the reasonableness of the mistaken "bless you". If the panel finds the bless you-er to be attempting to fraudulently accumulate points (i.e. saying "bless you" to pretty much every noise made by the "sneezer") no points will be received for that particular "bless you".
4b. If the bless you-er continues this behavior, the independent panel reserves the right to subtract points already accumulated by that player.
5. If a "bless you" is said because it was assumed, due to my cold, that there was a high probability I would be sneezing frequently when not within earshot of the contestants, it will not be awarded points
5a. The independent panel, in a similar vein to Rule 4a, reserves the right to deduct points from the offending contestant.

I am very passionate about rule 5. Maria broke it last week by simply giving herself 10pts before I arrived one morning. It is just not on. Stamping out these blatantly unsportsmanlike actions ensures the integrity of the contest.

Here's some more stuff that occurred due to boredom:

Hooooh! No they didn't! Yes they did! Dude, Jor El and his amigo Warren totally, like, found that office fire warden's hat and, like, totally got a post-it note, wrote 'r' on it, stuck it on top of the letter 'd', and like totally made it look like the hat said 'Warren!'

That is all, except:

The amount of space in a recycling bin taken up by empty beer stubbies is directly proportionate to:

a. The level of awesome experienced the night before,
b. The attractiveness of those around you the night before, and
c. The number of unsolicited apologies made the next day



  1. Gazuntite? I think you mean gesundheit, German for 'soundness', as in 'sound health'.